This package is aimed for those who suffer from head problems such as migraines, sinuses, hay fever, tinnitus, excessive earwax etc... Hopi Ear Candling gives a massage like to the eardrum by the flame movement and a light suction. A Lymphatic Facial Draining Massage continues to eliminate the fluids and drain it into the main lymph ducts. Package is finished off with a Reflex Foot Massage which helps circulation and immunity system.

Chocolate Lover:

For all those chocolate lovers and who wish to feel really pampered this package is unforgettable!! Starting with a chocolate Body Polishing which removes dry and dead skin; then a Chocolate Massage is carried out ont the whole body and left for 20 minutes wrapped in a warm blanket. After showering, Sea Water Toning Spray is applied to leave your skin feeling smooth, toned and fragrant.

Herbal Pack:

Before entering for a 20 minute warm air jet Herbal Bath you are treated for a Herbal Scrub leaving the body radiant and smooth. To finish off a relaxing Herbal Oil Full Body Massage is just right and very much beneficial to give you back that natural energy.

All Ends:

Give your head, feet and hands a good treat. The Foot Treatment starts with a 10 minutes aromatic foot soak, scrubbed, lighlty massaged and wrapped in the warming effect mask which makes them well hydrated and moisturized. The Hands are treated; nails are filed, then scrubbed, a light massage and wrapped in the warming effect mask. In the meantime and Indian Head Massage is carried out on the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. This package is good for tension and musclepain which accumulates in this area.

Spirit Reviver:

For those in need of a little mental rejuvenation or those suffering from the strains of being too busy. Reflexology can perform a variety of tasks depending on your individual needs. Aroma Back Massage using essential oils which penetrate the skin and work on stressed-out, tired and over worked body, then a Scalp Massage releases tension and helps to revive that exhausted mind.

Healthy Pack:

The client is helped into a warm Thalesso Therapy Hydro Bath-highly concentrated with sea water, minerals and essential oils. A Deep tissue massage using the chinese cupping techniques gives a deeper penetration on the muscles, treating any aches and pains such as that of sports, chronic body pain, rheumatism or arthritis. 100% pure ocean Algae mask is applied over the whole body, thus eliminating and detoxifying.

Diva Luxury Ritual:

Originated from the balinese ancient bridal ritual taking you on a complete journey to sensory heaven for body, mind and soul. To start an exotic tropical massage oils will energize the body, a fruit and herbal mixture is then applied to exfoliateand smooth the skin. After showering fresh yoghurt is applied thus moisturizes and nourishes the body. To complete this experiance, Rose & Jasmine essential oli is massaged gently into the skin. This treatment can be extended to include a twenty minutes soak in floating rose petals. Everything is prepared naturally at that instant.

Pantha Jama Experiance:

Many hundreds of years ago, man discovered the beneficialeffects of herbs, fruits and spices. The Pantha Jama experiance massage is a way of applying herbs where body, mind and spirit are involved to enable a complete and holistic experiance of well being. You have to try this massage if you need detoxify, feel stressed, tensed and feel drained out. A massage which endorses everything you need.

Decleor Localised Treatments:

Scalp & Hair -- Decollete, Neck and shoulder massage using Decleor Spa Relax Aromessence fine oil. Continuing with the relaxing scalp massage, then a treatment mask is applied to the hair to clean all types of stress leaving your mind in tranquility.

Back Relief -- Starting with Decleor back exfoliation and removed with warm towels. Then the back is massaged with Aromessence relax balm and spa relax essential oil concentrate. Warm towels are placed on the back and finishing off with circulagel to help good circulation in tension areas.

Foot and Leg -- The feet are soaked for 10 mins with Aromessence De Bain. A Decleor massage technique using Flow Aromatic massage balm is carried out on the legs where a toe nail nourishing treatment is also included. The Sauna mask is applied at the end to give a warming effect thus boostingthe circulation.

Decleor Aroma Envelopment:

Choose from two envelopments The Aroma Relax (relaxing experiance) or The Aroma Flow (energizing). These are a complete body treatment for relaxation or circulation, each one consisting of an exfoliation treatment, an aromatic massage, followed by the application of a mask using the respective products in respect to the envelopment. The body then is cocooned in a heated blanket for a warm and relaxing sensation.

Decleor Aromessence Ritual:

We are very proud to have this package as it's unique on the island - where hydrotherapy and aromas are combined together. Decleor has developed the Aquarama, a 100% original treatment that combines the benefits of water flow, essential oils and algae. Starting with a full body rose petals scrub, the client is thenhelped into an Aromatic Marine Hydro massage bath for 20 minutes and while having this aromatic soak, a hair and scalp massage is performed. After drying out, a light Effleurage massage using body milk and spa relax is applied to the entire body and finishing off with a deep relaxing back massage using aroma relax balm. One of a kind experiance!!

Aroma Sun Programme:

Sunrise -- Need to prepare your skin before sun exposure or longing for a sunless natural looking tan? This is the package which provides you with a tan while preparing your skin for a beatiful, long lasting tan and for an all year round, it ensures a healthy, radiant glow!

Sunset -- In search of a lasting beatiful tan? This after sun treatment improves the cells natural defence system, soothes and relieves burning sensations, and helps to repair and moisture your skin... so you get only the best from the sun!

Relaxation & Destressing:

Relieves oademas (heavy swollen legs) unwinds, relaxes destresses. moisturizes.

* Salt peeling with essential oils.

* bath soak with salts.

* massage with Beauty oil.

New Skin:

Revitalises, cleanses & oxygenates. Smooth & skin softening, relaxing destresses & restful.

* Salt Peeling.

* Bath Soak.

* Draining Massage.

* Algae Mask.

Body Curves:

Balances the nervous system, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite, slimming, reshapes, moisturizes & relaxation.

* Salt Peeling.

* Bath Soak.

* Drainage Massage (marine body comfort).

* Massage with Marine Body Beauty.

* Foot Massage with Essential Oils.

* Full Body Massage.

* Body Slimming Wrap.






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