Back Treatment:

A deep treatment to treat back problems such as open pores, blackheads and spots. A full treatment consisting of cleanse, scrub, massage with different creams and an algae mask.

Chinese Cupping:

Deep muscle massage using moving glass cups. This message is ideal for sport people or for those who need a good deep detoxification of over tensed muscles.

Total Holistic Massage

The whole body is treated holistically starting from the scalp, massaging the full body and finishing at the sole of the foot. A real total bliss!

Pantha Jama Face or Body Massage

A Swedish innovative massage based on aryuvedic concept. This massage is carried out with different movement from the usual massages- using arms, elbows and wrist. Then herbal stamps are warmed in oil and then massaged lightly over the body releasing herbal extracts thus giving a total relaxation.

Stone Back Massage:

Warm lava stones are used for this deep tissue massage that apart from feeling cocooned in warmth, relaxed, it heals nervous tension, aches, pains and tension from back, neck and shoulder area.

Hopi Ear Massage:

A massage inherited from ancient days. This is ideal for those who suffer from sinuses, hay fever, migraines and head problems. This hollowed material candle gives a massage through the sinuses area.

Indian Head message:

Gives you back your mental tranquility and stimulate your energy. Ideal for tension headaches, migraines and stress related problems.

Full Body Lymphatic Drainage:

Starting from the neck onto the face and down to the body this massage opens the body draining system. Helps detoxification.


Foot massage that releives blockages throughout the whole body, restoring back equilibrium. Releives lots of aches and pains.

Stone Therapy:

Melt stress away by the use of specific oils massaged in the warm palm stones. Experience a wonderful warm massage of tranquility.







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