Anti-Ageing Facial:

A specific treatment to treat and prevent ageing lines and wrinkles emphasising mostly to tense and lift back facial muscles. Good care is taken around the neck, eyes and mouth area.

Marine Facial:

A pleasant marine experience using marine based products to treat fine lines, early wrinkles, to demineralise, to dehydrate and above all to relax.

Quick Beauty:

For young people or who is in a rush but need a quick relaxation. Concentrated on facial massage to restore your energy back.

Therapeutic Facial:

Consisting of a deep cleanse, extractions, massage with basic creams according to need, mask and finishing off with a moisturizing cream.

GERnetic Intensive Facial:

More intensive facial treatment using regenerating creams and serums from GERnetic Int. Including a soothing mask and a therapeutic mask.

Futur-Tec Facial:

The ultimate and latest machine on the market - Futur Tec - using a combination of laser, micro current, ultrasound & vacuum suction. Visable results for ageing, pigmentation, post-acne and scaring.

Searomatic Facial:

Smell the sea waves and the uplifting aromas of citrus and ... Relax... This facial restores back your link to nature. Absolutely fabulous & relaxing.

Lymphatic Facial Massage:

Very beneficial massage, just using the hands and a few drops of essential oils this massage works wonders on congested skin, acne and helpsremoving blockage in the whole body.

GERnetic Facial Treatment:

A course of 12 sessions of facial treatments aiming to cure problems naturally, using GERnetic products only.

Regenerating Facial Treatment:

For neglected skin. An intensive treatment using regenerating creams and serums from GERnetic Int. - ideal for acne, ageing, scars, pigmentation... With 2 therapeutic masks. (Use of modern equipment when necessary)






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